What happens if I calculate the discrete cosinus (DCT), isn't that something like the spatial frequency?
If it is: how do I read it?

hmm... you're obviously right...

Well, I could tell you some something about the background:

I got a lot of old dia positives and I'm about to scan them again (I already did with my old scanner). My first scans showed no better results than the old ones. I've asked myself whether I could see the difference. I TV you'll have a higher frequency (that's why I asked for it) with more details in the image. But TV is transmitted by time... an image is not.
Is there any way to see whether it's technical usefull to scan an image at a higher rate?

Thanks for your answers!!!

Hi there!

I try to figure out the maximum frequency of an image.
Or even better would be to know how often a frequency(-block) is present.
Is there any chance to get the following infos by image analyser or any other software:

Maximum frequency anywhere in the image is: 14MHz
Avarage frequency is: 0,3MHz
0Hz-1KHz: 5%
1KHz-100KHz: 40%
100KHz-1MHz: 40%
1MHz-10MHz: 14%
10MHz-100MHz: 1%
100MHz-1GHz: 0%

An image/graph might be a good beginning as well.

Please help me smile