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This is now done

Sorry for my exceedingly slow thank you.


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Hi Michael, I know you implemented the copying of EXIF data to the output file in Analyzer.exe which works fine but if any photos are processed using the Batch plugin the data gets lost.

Is it possible to update the Batch plugin to also save the EXIF data to the output file?

I'm using ImageBatch.exe 2.17.2007.0 and Analyzer 1.29.2008.0


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Thank you for that, time to spend some money smile

BTW, I don't know if it's possible but could Deskew actually used the colour that was on the edge at the time?

Or an option to use that or select a background colour?

Thanks again.


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Hi, I'm interested in using Image Analyzer to do a lot of image Deskewing and then use 'Auto shrink selection' to select just the relevant part of the image.

The images I want to Deskew are scans of page entries where the pages are white with black writing, and around the lot is a black border, (like if you left the cover open on a scanner).

The problem is, when you Deskew them you're left with triangles of white background colour at the sides which stop 'Auto shrink selection' from selecting just the image area in the centre.

Is there anyway to change the background colour used by Deskew, (to black)?

I've tried to Invert then Deskew but then you end up with triangles of black background and it still won't let 'Auto shrink selection' select just the image area.

To simplify: Rotate allows you to select a background colour, Deskew doesn't, (it's always white).  It would be good if you could also select a background colour in Deskew.


PS. Probably should have put this in the main forum but it was wrt the Batch plugin.