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I am using FreePDF (http://freepdfxp.de/) in combination with DD (and in general as a "PDF printer") and I am very happy with both of them.


Just came to the forum to search whether it is possible to use hatching ("Schraffuren"). Looks like it is not but I also would love to see this option in a future version.

I am using DD for years now and it is one of the outstanding examples that good software neither has to be expensive (yes, it can be free!) nor complicated to use. Keep it going, it is fantastic!


Dear Michael,

first of all: I love Diagram Designer, one of those small programs I would not like to miss!

One small suggestion: It would be very handy and speed up operation considerably if it were possible to duplicate the functions of F7 (Move Canvas) and F8 (Edit) in the context menu:

Right click 1st entry EDIT, 2nd entry MOVE CANVAS.

Same function is i.e implemented in Acrobat Reader (referring to version 9) and very handy.

Best from Munich.