Topic: Suggestions On Editing Of Fft.

I have three suggestions regarding the process of fft editing. First, in removing moiré "waffles" from scans of halftone images, the wavelength (repetition length) of the interference pattern sometimes amounts to several percent of the image dimension, so that the corresponding frequency is low. It is then difficult to kill the offending spikes without affecting the DC and other low-frequency components which contribute valid picture information. Thus, it would be advantageous if the Fourier plane could be zoomed, just as the original image can, as a means for improving editing accuracy. A second feature would be a means to save and recall the erasure pattern in order to apply it successively to other images of equal size and halftone characteristics, or to enable "touchup" of a prior result. Third, it would be useful to be able to constrain the eraser pen to move in precisely the horizontal or the vertical directions.

As one who has only recently "discovered" I-A and is truly elated by that, I hope I'm not suggesting what already exists.