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In the MP3 Database program, is there a way to sort album titles alphabetically in the TREE view? In other words, if I have an artist defined as Stephen King and have 15 Albums listed under Stephen King in the tree view, they are listed in the order they were entered. Is there a way to sort the Albums alphabetically?




Re: .mp3 Database

Why even bother???
Obviously either nobody monitors this "forum" or they don't have a clue. The only "reply" to  people that took the time to ask questions about mp3 database is a user saying he has the same problem.They leave the vulgar ramblings of some moron who can't even spell "piece" and answer no questions. The database has potential of being useful but has the documentation, support and finish of an alpha release--something slopped together & forgotten.

Maybe someone will get together $50 or so, buy Meesoft and actually develop some of these programs and amend them into useful utilities --maybe the gentleman with the initials "FU" who wrote so eloquently about the morpher