Topic: Great Toolset, Thanks Vinther !

hello Vinther,

as already said, great toolset, thank you!
I didn't test must, just compiled the program in Delphi-7,
and besides the missing TformStyle, everything compiled ok.

All the images at the help page are missing:

My interest was only in drawing flowcharts,
but now I've seen your program,
I might even be using it for electronic schematics and general drawings.

Are there more templates available ?
With your "grouping" facility I guess it's easy to make new components,
and I guess a lot of people already have made a lot of new components.

I've develloped a freeware IDE for JAL (some ucontroler language) called JALcc.
As I'm redesigning it now completly, including more preprocessing,
one of the ideas was to generate code by flowchart.
I've searching for about half a year now, to find some (freeware)  flowchart modules, but couldn't find them, until now  ;-)
JALcc also has an simulator for electronic circuits, after seeing your example of "automatic light", the idea begun to rise, to use Diagram Designer as the schematic part.

Stef Mientki


Re: Great Toolset, Thanks Vinther !

The images show up fine here (IE6)...

The templates included are the only ones I've received from people, so this is all I have.

Including DD in as a schematic progran sounds interesting. I know that a group at University of Wisconsin uses it in a GIS (map drawing) project already. The program is not really being developed anymore since it has the features I need for now. Unless I need additional features for something I will not expand it - that is also why I released the source as freeware so that others could continue.

Michael Vinther

> software developer <


Re: Great Toolset, Thanks Vinther !

thanks Michael,

(sorry that I was thinking your firstname was Vinther ;-)

Indeed in IE, the pictures shows up nice,
but FireFox (Mozilla and probably others) has problems with
the (non-standard-html) backward slashes,
used in the image references :-(

Good point to release the sources, now you've discontinued further developments. Let's hope that a few others (including myself) will extend your program.




Re: Great Toolset, Thanks Vinther !

Oh, that is it. Using backslash in the image references was a mistake. Thank you for letting me know.

Michael Vinther

> software developer <