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I found the program today, and it's great, because it almost everything my girlfriend needs to make their diagrams for her diploma thesis. Powerpoint has failed for us.

But when we use the "rotate 90" method on an item, only the shape of the item rotates. If we use the "rotate any angle" method even the shape doesn't rotate. That's very sad, because this functionality is needed to fit all the informations of her chart.

Is there any possibility to rotate even the texts? If so, please give us a short hint at matthias@dittgen.org.


Matthias Dittgen


Re: Rotate Text

The following is copied from the program help...  wink

Not all object types (e.g. text) can be rotated, but any object can be converted to a metafile object which can then be rotated. Select one or more objects, and click Object | Convert to metafile. Note that when converting to a metafile, the object will be locked so that text, color and other style properties can no longer be edited. To rotate a metafile object, change the Rotation angle in the Properties dialog. The angle is in degrees, counter-clockwise rotation.

Michael Vinther

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Re: Rotate Text

I found the "convert to metafile" option by myself, yesterday at a later time. But then, as mentioned at your help page, I can't change the text Informations.

In the meantime, I installed OpenOffice and it solves all of our needs. It fills the gap, that Powerpoint had for our task.

Thank you anyway!