Topic: Image Analyzer - Thanks + Opening Several Files At

Thank you, ladies and gents, for a fine, fine replacement for Microsoft's Photo Editor, which I have been using for years. Your program does just about everything their Photo Editor does, but better, faster, and with lots of extras by comparison.
There is only one thing I have found which I need, which MS Photo Editor does, and which I formally request that you will incorporate in Image Analyzer -  the ability to open multiple files by Drag and Drop. IA opens multiple files, and marvelously fast, by way of the File > Open > Browser window, wherein multiple files can be selected for opening all at once. But, it does not do the same thing using Drag and Drop onto the executable or a shortcut to it; using Drag and Drop, IA will only open one file at a time, while other softwares usually open multiple files both by browser window and by Drag and Drop.
Please let me know if IA Drag and Drop works in some cases. If the problem is on my end, I'll dig into it.
Thank you very much again.
Bob in Virginia