Topic: Uninstall Problem

I just received this email with the following assumed problem
concerning the uninstall of Commander 1.10.
I thought I would post this in this section, in case someone
else has this problem, as well.

Email receved:

I have just recently downloaded your software Title Commander 1.10 and installed it on

Window's 98SE. After installation found it was not quite the program I required. Under

Add/Remove there was no uninstall program found neither under programs menu so I had to

remove all the files manually, after this found that each time I try to open my pictures I

receive Commander.exe not found and now unable to open and view my pictures like before.
I would appreciate your kind help on how to return back prior the installation.


First of all, I need to know which version you installed...
was it the "installer wizard" or the "zip"?

if it was the zip, you will not find a uninstaller for it...anywhere.
this is why " I " suggest that everyone use the installer ONLY.

In order to uninstall the zip, you simply delete the folder
you unzipped it to, and made shortcuts for.

BUT, this won't clear up and/or clean up any "file associations" setup in using it.
so you will have to manually go into:

tools | folder options | file types [tab] in your windows explorer file manager...
and CHANGE the association related to Commander files.
Be very careful when doing this, as you could messup your whole system.
the only other way, to do this, is use the installer wizard again, to re-install
Commander, then select:

Options | file format associations to manually unselect all associations
then uninstall Comander, again....using its uninstaller.