Topic: Imagefilelib Problem

Hi Michael

First - thank you for ImageFileLib - it his helpng me to experiment with graphics.
My  efforts at the moment are to ryand understand jpeg2000 graphics which
your library is a big help with.

For reference I use Delphi Enterprise V5

I have found a problem with the compiled jasPer.dll inyour latest distribution
that prevents it from saving in .jp2 format.

It always generates a "corrupt bitmap" error and creates a zero size file.

I have proved it to be the dll bysubstituting anothe jasPer.dll from a different
distributionand that savef .jp2 fine  - sadly that one is very limited in the
files it can read and doesnt work with my other software.

Would it be possible for you to update the jasPer.dll as I only have Delphi
so I can't compile one myself.

thank you again.

ALSO a BIG thank you for not requiring registering on  this board
I always avoid registering because its such a pain.


Re: Imagefilelib Problem

An update is underway...

Michael Vinther

> software developer <