Topic: Color matrix - Color edit possibility

Recently I have found that could be very easy to edit globally the colors in a matrix like :

Horizontal row
input red,
input green,
input blue

Vertical column
output red
output green
output blue

Think of the (basic 3x3) color-matrix as a linear transformation (gain or attenuation) between r,g,b channels.
So each entry is the gain if greater than 1 or attenuation if less than 1 between input and output channels.

r->r, g->r, b->r , r->g, g->g, b->g , r->b, g->b, b->b

But note that is possible to mix channels for example to change green to red if you want by using the corresponding matrix entry.

Or yellow to red (by using the g->r and/or r->g possibly with negative values).

An example is of this is something like in

http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/artic … ns_04.html

Would it be possible to implement such a way to edit the colors ?

It is just an new idea ...


Re: Color matrix - Color edit possibility

I'm not sure I completely understand what you want to obtain, but I think you can do it already.

If you first use Split color planes to get the RGB planes and then afterwards use Combine images with the User transformation mode you can specify such a matrix.

I you use Split color planes with the PCA mode you can make it save a matrix in the correct format.

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Re: Color matrix - Color edit possibility

Well ...
My initial idea would be to have the "interface" with the possibility of changing the matrix... smile
most like the flash demo in the end of this link ... smile 
http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/artic … ns_04.html

So with the PCA split planes we got the matrix information and afterwards we could test it in the matrix ...
The idea is that to try or test  a specific matrix such simple interface would be nicer thatn using a txt file or a CSV file ...