Topic: Minor remark and suggestions on scanner (TWAIN)


I appreciate the straight forward simplicity of the TWAIN scanning functionality. However still a few remark and some suggestions.

When opening the dialog to scan from TWAIN source and then changing mind (cancel, or cancel after preview), the program gives an error "Failed to access data source". Since i cancelled the operation myself, no error should appear.
Program version: 1.32
Operating system: windows 7 profesional, 64bit
(Version 1.31 even used to hang on this)

Few small suggestions as well:
I believe that it would be better to add the "advanced" scanning options to the main dialog: they don't take much place, the dpi is pretty basic too and the "source type" in advanced settings is duplicate with the choice in the main dialog.
I'd also appreciate if my choice of dpi would be remembered or i could set default choice in some way.



Re: Minor remark and suggestions on scanner (TWAIN)

You are right, the error message on cancel is a bit stupid.
Regarding the actual scan settings (DPI etc) this is not something I control - the scanning dialog is show by the scanner driver so I don't think there is anything I can do about it.

Michael Vinther

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