Topic: VectorGraphics and JasPerLib

After installing 1.32 and the plugins I couldn't run the VectorGraphics plugin any more. It gave a strange error: "Privileged Instruction".

Since I was able to run a 'minimal' setup (just Analyzer.exe and that plugin) on a stick I knew the plugin worked fine, and I found that it won't work whenever JasPerLib.dll is present in the Analyzer folder. I replaced that DLL with the version from 1.31 and now VectorGraphics works.


Re: VectorGraphics and JasPerLib

Strange. It works for me with latest JasPerLib.dll (Win7 64bit).
Does it happen when you start IA or when you open Text and vector graphics?

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Re: VectorGraphics and JasPerLib

It happens when I open the plugin.
I use Windows XP 32bit.
I didn't use the installer, but extracted and copied all files.