Topic: About filter scripts - READ THIS FIRST

In this forum group you can post algorithms for the Script feature in the Advanced filter pack http://logicnet.dk/Analyzer/plugins/ind … cedFilters if you have made something you want to share.
You can also post questions related to Image Analyzer scripts.

To use the scripts, simply copy/paste the code to the script window (Plugins | Script... in the menu).

The scripts are C# code. Pixel values are floats in the range 0-1. If you know basic C# you should be able to learn how to use the interface by looking at the examples in the combobox in the Script dialog and in the forum.

Note that you can make scripts that combine several images opened in Image Analyzer as the Average images example does. The GetImage("a*.jpg") method will return an image open in another window with a name which matches the given mask.

I don't know if anyone will find this feature useful and post anything here, but lets see...

These scripts can in principle do anything, including executing bad code that makes the program unstable or deletes files from your disk and I cannot take responsibility for any damage caused by running bad scripts.

Michael Vinther

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