Topic: Htmloptim: A Future Suggestion

Hey Michael after some time ...

I really love the HTMLOptim program, and so if you will plan to update it in future, I have one future suggestion. It's about importing of the files that I want to be processed, i.e. if you could make it easier to, for instance import all of the files under some specific directory. You see, I have 6 variants of my home-site, and so there is quite a lot of clicking on and selecting them before I process all the files.

But anyway, even though HTMLOptim is great and as mentioned I really like it; this feature would only make a great program even greater.

P.S., HTMLOptim is mentioned at the very bottom of all my site's pages (below the "Disclaimer"); at least on those under "root-main" section. For example see here: http://users.volja.net/tayiper/intro.html or here: http://ivan-tadej.atspace.com/intro.html

best regards, satyr