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When I have several files open, and I double click the title bar of one of them, I can view it with no frame. I am able to go from one photo to another using the two extra buttons on the side of my Dynex mouse. I can move backward and forward through all of the open files this way. These buttons also work in my web browsers.

Is there way to do this using the keyboard? The only other way I know to do this is with the list of open files in the Window menu or the File menu. Image Analyzer recognizes these buttons, and so do the browsers. But they don't work on any of my other programs. I'm hoping there are keyboard equivalents for these two buttons.



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Yes, you can use Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab to cycle through open windows.

I frequently use this feature to compare images, e.g. before and after applying some filter.
Additional hint: If you want to compare some small detail in a number of images you can zoom in on one of them and the select  Align zoom and positions in the Window menu. This will set the same zoom in all open images based on the active.

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Thanks, Michael.

I'm glad to know the keyboard commands.
Thanks for the info on the align zoom and positions too.



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