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I love this program! Most times I get a complete Morph. Sometimes howerver ther are triangles that are not incorporated into the grid. Any strategy for adding points so that the entire picture morphs?


Re: Missing Sections

It is a bit hard to say. The problem occurs when you have placed the marker points so that it is not possible to connect all of them with the same triangles in both pictures.
The only solution is to try moving some of the points near the hole, er perhaps deleting some of them.

Michael Vinther

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Re: Missing Sections

For me: I have noticed that the most common cause of the "blank spots" in the image map is two dots placed such that: the "outside" point on one image crosses to the "inside" point on  the other image.  when you click on the "show map" button and see a hole - confirm your points by carefully single clicking each point on one image to make it highlite.  Then confirm that it's corresponding point on the other image is in the correct place.  sometimes they have been reversed and simply deleting one, correcting the others placement and replacing the second point is enough to do the trick.

sometimes it's because the person's pose in one image is slightly rotated from that in the second image and placing points anatomically correct causes the "line crossover" - in that case either: placing the points just "close enough" so as not to cause the crossover (blank spot); or, deleting the offending points and allowing SmartMorph to "dissolve" in the area instead of morphing, is all that you can do.