Topic: Zoom Progression


while creating my electronic component symbols, I had several times to set the zoom manually because it was a too fast progression to go from 800 to 1600 (and the reverse way too). for example I set it to 1200. but when I press the "+" key again the zoom value go to 1600 (max value) and then won't go to 1200 again if I press "-", but to 800. so I had to enter it manually again.

It's not always a problem, but maybe for a future version you could think of adding an option in the "File/Option" menu to set the Zoom progression value to something different than 2 (like 1.5) or maybe have a non linear progression. (2x seems to be OK at low value but not always at high values - well at least for me).
maybe others can give their feelings about that.

of course, I can go like it is now if you can't do it, but an option could let every one choose his way to work with the zoom.