Topic: Export to Visio

Let me first say that DD is very impressive and useful software. KUDOs! I would like to be able to convert DD diagrams into Visio. I am forced to use Visio at work and I would like to be able to transport the files without lugging my own laptop to work. And as much as I'd like to, my employer will not allow me to install softare on their computers.


Re: Export to Visio

Not the answer you asked for but perhaps this can help.

I have not used Visio but perhaps you can export the page to a (windows) emf file or other format?

Sometimes when you can not install software you can put a portable version in a folder like C:\DiagramDesigner
You can extract the content from DiagramDesignerSetup.exe to this folder.
The file association will not work but you can drag/drop or open a .ddd file in DD.