Topic: Restore a folder

I was not being very careful and accidently deleted a folder on a backup drive.  Is there an easy way to undo or restore this folder?


Re: Restore a folder

edaneff wrote:

if you are lucky when you did the delete the folder went into the Recycle Bin for the drive

Well, not lucky.  No folder by the name of the one I deleted.


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I cannot recommend a specific one, but there are a number of free undelete tools available if you just search google. Note that the chance of recovering your files is much bigger if you do not copy new files to the disk.

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Re: Restore a folder

One of those tools can be Recuva but there are many more.


Re: Restore a folder

I did and it was not there.  Fortunately, I had another backup that I could copy.  Just wasted time I did not need to if I was more careful.  An undo would have been nice.