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Topic: 'Edit with Image Analyzer' button

Hello everyone,

is there a way to open an image file with IA by right-clicking it and selecting something like 'Edit with Image Analyzer' in context menu? Changing file associations is not the right way to do this.

Sorry if this is a lame question and/or if it has been asked before.

Also, when closing the application window on my Win 7 32bit laptop, Image Analyzer always gives me an error saying 'Stack overflow'. It doesn't bother me, not really. Just saying.

edit: I did find a nice guide which requires some tinkering with regedit, yet I still think this kind of functionality should be enabled by default (eg user should be able to open png, jpg etc by right clicking the file and selecting the beforementioned option. Or at the very least Image Analyzer should be present in the Open With list after the  installation procedure).


Re: 'Edit with Image Analyzer' button

If you right click on an image file and choose Open with... and then select Image Analyzer but uncheck Always use this application then it will stay in the right click menu but not be default on double click. This works in Windows 8 and I think it also works in W7.

Regarding the error message on shutdown it could be cause by a too old .net version. Do you have .net 4.5 installed?

Michael Vinther

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Re: 'Edit with Image Analyzer' button


Thanks for the reply.

I just did as you say and it definitely works. It would still be nice to have this enabled by default, though.

As for the .NET Framework, I only have 3.5.30729.5420. All the newer versions don't work for me.
Anyway, it's good to know the problem doesn't have anything to do with Image Analyzer itself.

Keep up the great work!


Re: 'Edit with Image Analyzer' button

Yes, good idea. I will make it possible to specify as editor in the next version.

Michael Vinther

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