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I use your software many years. It is easy and fast. But I have some issues those very annoyed me because they occured every day use . Can you please fix them or release it open source to fix by community?

1. Rar does not understand Russian symbols in the file patch. So it is impossible to extract any rar file to the russian-named folder. So rar plugin is useless.

2. Many Zip files cannot be extracted. So I use 7zip to extract zip. So now it is also useless.

3. I use a remote PC in my home lan that can go to sleep. It this happen, the program freezes to 2-3 minutes. It is very annoyed. So please change your directory watch code to do not track with this very large timeout.

4. I use many scripts for Shortcuts menu. But it does not allow to use subdirectories. A large list of shortcut scripts are very bad to fit my notebook screen height. Please add submenu feature.

5. I often compare two directories, but your code from Tools>Compare directories works incorrectly with subdirectories, so it is useless now because it produces an error meaning. I deleted many times useful info because this. Please add a possibility to call other process (I will write bat file for external software).

6. I need in a tool to compare files in a binary mode. I use AptDiff. But 50% of times I also need  in a text compare. So two menu items are required instead one: Tools > Compare focused files for text and binary files separately.

7. I do not understand how to write a Shortcut to call left and right directory location to it. It is very needed but unfortunately only a current directory can be used.

8. I often call *.bat files and external programs like git. But your bottom line edit is useless because the called window is closed immediately. I even cannot read anything. So I execute cmd first and enter these s needed command. This 2-stage call is very annoyed. Please do not close cmd.exe process window!

9. Internal viewer is not compatible with utf8. I have many html files in my web development needs, so I need edit any file instead of simple view it using internal viewer.

10. Explorer file search feature does not work with Windows 8/8.1. Probably it is not working here since Windows 7 but I do not remember where this feature has lost.

11. The program moves files very slowly. It is very required feature. It seems it copies the file then remove old file. But on the same hard drive it is useless. Just move works in Windows Explorer. Did you tried to move git-based projects? It is very slow process. Often zip and move then unzip is faster.

12. File copy feature should be created using call of external process to not freese all features. Just add a possibility to call Commander itself with a command switches like Commander.exe -operation copy C:\somefilefrom D:\Somedirto. Also allow to specify external copy and move software.

13. Add a possibility to use own external two-param shortcuts scripts like in Shortcut menu - so  your Tools menu should be replacd with any external tools.

14. I often need to wol my second computer fro sleep mode. So please allow to use external scripts for your Directory shortcut feature. I simple need to call external program that wol using a network packet, wait for 3-5 seconds then Commander may show this directory.

Why I do not use any other pain or free Commander alternatives like TotaCommander? It is because they very slow. Also they lack checkbox feature to select files to copy/move/delete. Also your Ctrl-V feature is very usable. I use it many times per day.

I really ready to write my Commander clone to fix any issues I already have with you Commander, but I hope it is easy to ask you to fix all the issues or just realise open source version if cannot support it anymore.

Thanks, Andrew


Re: Suggestions to fix

That's a lot of points  smile
I use Commander myself every day but it basically has the features that I need so I rarely do any development on it. Also, I'm not making any money on it so I don't have much motivation to develop features that I don't find useful myself.
The code is made in Delphi 7 which not many people are using any more. Also, I have tried to get help before from the open source community and so far I have gotten absolutely nothing useful out if it. That was even for another project which have far many users than Commander.

2. I have never encountered such a zip file. Is it encrypted files, or files with Russian characters in the names?

3. There are no timeouts in my code so it must be something in Windows, and since most of Commander is single threaded it may freeze if a Windows API call doesn't return. You could try to enable Show generic file icons in the Options menu, that might make it faster.

4. I will consider that.

7. This is not supported now but I see that it could be useful. Would it work for you if the command line could take two parameters,
%1 and %2 where %1 is the file name in the focused dir and %2 was the file name in the other dir?

8. If you press Shift-Enter to execute the command you can use Ctrl-O to show the output.

9. Yes, Delphi 7 does not handle UTF8 very well and I don't know of a good way to recognize an UTF8 file.

10. I will try to fix that.

11. Commander calls Windows' MoveFileEx API command to move a file, but when moving directories it moves one file at a time. I will try to see if there is a faster way to move a directory.

Michael Vinther

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Re: Suggestions to fix

2. They have no international symbols, only ASCII, as I see. Mostly they are probably from Apple Mac, but I don't sure. Many these files are with a source code from developers sites. Example: https://github.com/git/git - try to download a zip from this page.

I cannot extract it from D:\Downloads to D:\Temp. Error message: Extract directory 'bla bla bla' must exist.
ZipDll.dll from 03.10.2003. File Version from property: Delphi Zip. Windows 8.1 x64 Pro. NTFS SSD drive.

7. Yes, %1 with %2 may be very useful.

9. Any option on the viewer window? You already have some modes in the viewer toolbar.

11. Yes, probably the cause with very small files, but anyway, why not to move whole firectory. All tree walking is very slow and not really required. One directory move is fast - a few of milliseconds.


Re: Suggestions to fix

Strange, unzipping of files from https://github.com/git/git works fine for me. It is the UnzDll.dll that is used though.

I have made a few changes that you can help me test.

  • Moving directories is hopefully faster

  • Explorer file search can now be opened

  • .shortcut files can now be of the format "tool.exe" %1 %2 where %1 is the focus file in the active dir view and %2 is the active file in the other view. Remeber the " around the name

See http://meesoft.logicnet.dk/support/view … hp?id=3238

Michael Vinther

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Re: Suggestions to fix

I have created for you animated gif that shows this bug. You can see there that I can extract any file but cannot extract a directory. The zipdll I used is binary the same as you included in Commander.zip

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwE7RK … sp=sharing

About your support of %1 and %2 - it does not work with both case with batch files. See next video in gif:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwE7RK … sp=sharing

You can see also my workflow to understand correctly what I heed. I have many bat and vbs scripts in Shortcut directory. Running of externat exe file is a good idea, but I woild like to get a possibility to use *.bat, *.vbs and any other scriptable language that can be called in Explorer as a click. For your current solution I need to make a correct link to exe file that will execute my script. But in some cases it is unknown. I.e. I dont know a patch for vbs. And it is changed on x64/x86 windows and other cases, so it is not portable. Please make more universal solution.

I have not testd it with Russian letters and patch with spaces yet, so I will wait for better soluton to test. Thanks for fast development of this beta.

Moving is works. It is a good improvements, many thanks! But some strange trouble: It cannot move to any new created directory in drive C: , for example: "C:\123". Error message: Access is denied. So you probably have the same bug as with zip. Because I found any new directory in Windows 8 has read-only attribute. It is strange, but even I change this attribute back in the directory propertion, it comes again read only. So I think it is a NTFS feature.

I tested the old version. It moves this case correctly.


Re: Suggestions to fix

Also I remember some another cases to improve.

12) Move from very long path is not supported. Also we have the undeletable long directories cases. Probably it is a windows path limitation, but we can use special prefix to fix this: "\?\D:\very long path"

13) Cannot extract usb flash card drive is Commander is on it's directory/ Probably you have permanent file change notification currently. But we ca fix it by use only a short checking e.g. per second or two. Probably this may also fix sleeping network drive issue.

13) When using many file copying with 'Use Explorer to copy large files, it is impossible to use the computer for another task with typing of text. Sometimes Commander shows an Explorer copy window and any random typing destroys the copying becase the new window is always on the top and cancel button is default. In this case probably some files are not copied and this case is not checked, so I always copy again.

14) Can you please copy any file using explorer? Not big, as currently but any. I don't know any unknown issues for this idea, and why you selected an idea to use copy only to very large files.

15) Ctrl-S again. I posted you this issue many years ago. But anyway, I use this shortcut in Commander a few times per month. Please delete this shortcut permanently! Very annoyed shortcut, because in any software I use it is a quick save shortcut and I use it automatically. Commander should not use it for another feature - it switch it to very slow directory calculation now.

16) I opened an viewer many times to see a file. But when I click to the commander window, it shows on the top, so we cannot use them separately. To make it very usable in this cases, make it as an external process call, you can also provide a plugin to fully replace it. I.e. I need some times external viewer for F3, but you always show your viewer. We can make a simple batch file that may check a current extension and call your viewer or external program.

Also it is not possible to view multiply view windows to compare any text or use them at the same time.
So please make F3 is process independent.

17) A new feature. A switch for external scripts for everything to allow to write user commander extensions as batch files. This will make your program very customizable for any cases and also will keeps it as small and fast yet as possible. The solution is simple - we can specify any button and menu call in ini file. Example:

CopyOneFile = Commander.exe -copy %1 %2
CopyManyFiles = Commander.exe-copylist tempfilelist1 %2
ViewFileF3 = Commander.exe -utf8 -view %1
EditFileF4= Commander - edit %1
CompareFiles = Commander.exe -compare %1 %2

This is an default examle, but we can change everything using a case like:
ViewFileF3 = myview.bat %1
where view.bat can check an extension and to execute Commander for all cases but another program for other files.
Or automatically select a view mode.

Also this way may fix multithreading issues in any long operation.

18) Swith off from zipdll and rardll to 7zip solution (probably this will fixes also any issues). There is no need to pack feature (we can call it using Shortcut also with selected for user compression options), but unpack is very used many times per day.

19) User selectable external viewers/editor per a file extension or better for an complex regular expression settings.

20) User selectable menu items for bottom line (as used for SHortcuts).

21) User selectable Ctrl-F1/Ctrl-F2 special directories. Currently you have a set of prodefined, but they can be customizable by ini file.

22) An option to sort by file extension and to hide complete a Type column. This is very used most time.

23) A more correct window resize algorithm. Currently you change right panel only, but a proportional mode is used by me every day, so I always correct a look for every resize.


Re: Suggestions to fix

The %1 and %2 in shortcuts only works for actual shortcut files, not if you place a .bat file in the folder.
In my test I placed comp.shortcut in the Shortcuts folder containing the text
"C:\Program Files (x86)\ExamDiff\ExamDiff.exe" %1 %2
This means that you will have to place the .bat file somewhere else.
It should be fairly simple to make it work with .bat files directly, I will consider that.

Michael Vinther

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Re: Suggestions to fix

Please look at the gif again. I placed LINK TO BAT


Re: Suggestions to fix

Did you put " " around the file name in the shortcut as I specified? It seems you didn't in your test2.shortcut

Michael Vinther

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Re: Suggestions to fix

I have made a few more improvements in the latest beta.
  Shortcut menu is grouped in subdirectories
  UTF8 format option in text view right click menu
  Unzip file with directories bugfix
  Explorer copy will now be used for entire subdirectories if the destination does not exist

The access denied problem with moving I have not been able to reproduce.

Michael Vinther

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Re: Suggestions to fix

How to get this bug step-by-step:
1. Fully reinstall Windows 8.1 Pro with reformat all drivers (to sure it is not my specified software bug). I have even no antivirus installed.
2. Start Commander on administrator user, who installed Windows (to sure it is not a user permission bug)
3. Open in left size disk C:
4. Create a directory named qqq and go to it.
5. Open in right side disk D with any directory.
6. Select this directory.
7. Move it - you will get an Access Denied Message box. (So real operation is moving D:\somedir\somedir to C:\qqq)

Another cases:
Cannot move directory to a network resource or from network resource to D
Moving from C to D do not works
Moving from C to D with hardlinked (really in the same drive) works.

I can even create another directory on c or d to check there are no very strange permission problems (I sure only system directories are not writable, and a stable version of Commander never show me similar errors.

I have two computers with Wndows 8.1 Pro. Recently I fully reinstalled Windows on both computers and all updates are already installer, so this is not a local-specific bug. I can get this bug all time on all my computers.


Re: Suggestions to fix

Thanks for the details. The directory moving between drives should now be fixed in the latest beta

Michael Vinther

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Re: Suggestions to fix

Great. Thanks for fast move and copy!

Another issue: When we in a zip archive, the command "View>View same directory" (Alt-V + V) shows an error message "Directory not found". I use this command (Alt-V + V) very often, because unziping to the same directory is most used. The better way is to get the directory where the zip archive is located, not error message.

And I have a new issue using UTF-8 view mode. In some cases it shows a blank screen (as no text available).

Example of a wrong text file:

PS. Placed text in the code, because the forum software removes most of the text I posted.


Re: Suggestions to fix

Good idea with just showing the dir containing the archive - done.

Regarding the UTF8 viewer I don't really know why it fails - I just call a Win32 API call the should do the translation and sometimes it returns an empty string. Now I have fixed it so that if it gives an empty string I just show the original coded string.

Michael Vinther

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Re: Suggestions to fix

Since these changes have become version 1.37 I put it here, the "Commander version updates" is not updated to 1.37.


Re: Suggestions to fix

Right, I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.

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