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Hi! DD is a nice and simple tool which we are thinking of advising to use to a group of professionals that might not be handy with diagramming applications. They then will use the diagrams as part of their documents.

For that, they should be able to add links to the diagram that need to be preserved in their documents. Is there anything known about a PDF export feature that would support that?

Do I understand correctly that there is a Delphi source available but not a C++ version? It'd be easier to find developers for the latter.

Would it be possible to create an export format to PDF and/or GraphML from the source, or might that be too difficult?


Re: Further development options for export

to get a pdf from DD, I normally use a free of charge tool 'dopdf' , you can freely download it from several sites, ( i.e. www.freewarefiles.com). The tool installs a virtual printer so you can get .pdf vithout exit DD, simply


Re: Further development options for export

the former message was cutted, this is the continuation--
"printing" the DD work.


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I'm afraid it would be quite a lot of work to make links work in an created PDF but I don't know much about it.

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