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Topic: Rotated Text Linespacing

It's great that now we can have non-destructive (metaobjects) rotated text. Just a small issue: With 90 degrees rotated text, i find that the line-"height" (well, actually width given the rotation) is larger than with normal horizontal text. Or at least it looks that way - certainly more than neccessary, while with horizontal text its fine. This is a bit annoying when trying to fit rotated text into small rectangles.

I suppose the relevant windows api funcs do that automatically, but is there any way to make this solvable without creating multiple objects?

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Re: Rotated Text Linespacing

Sorry, correction: The behavior is not actually caused by rotation, but rather if a change of fontsize appears in a preceding line, as opposed to the line to which it should apply.





Re: Rotated Text Linespacing

This is probably because the "line break" is bigger when the font at the end of the line is larger, if you understand what I mean.

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