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Topic: Analyzer.ini

I am using version 1.37. Some of the Program options and File format options are not saved in the ini file. Their settings only last for the session. Here is a partial list:

Program options
Show golden ratio in selection

File format options
PNG > Transparent color key
PNG > Alpha transparency
JPEG > Specify file size

Also, the ini file has four Path entries that default to the program folder. On my computer:
AnalyzerPath=C:\Program Files\MeeSoft\ImageAnalyzer\
ColorMapPath=C:\Program Files\MeeSoft\ImageAnalyzer\
FilterPath=C:\Program Files\MeeSoft\ImageAnalyzer\
PalettePath=C:\Program Files\MeeSoft\ImageAnalyzer\

I have a copy of the program on a USB drive, and I manually removed the drive letter from the four Path entries. The drive letter of the USB drive is often different on different computers. The program will overwrite the entry for AnalyzerPath and put in the full path, including drive letter, from which the program is run, but this does not seem to impact portability.

Can one specify the ini file as a parameter on the command line?

Thank you for the program.


Re: Analyzer.ini

Show golden ratio is saved in the latest beta version http://meesoft.logicnet.dk/support/view … p?pid=4930

The file format options are intentionally not saved, as they typically vary for each file so saving them will probably lead to mistakes.

These paths are not really important - it is just the folder that the Open dialogs default to.

It is currently not possible to specify the ini file at command line.

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Re: Analyzer.ini

Please consider allowing a user to specify the ini file as a parameter on the command line. It would address a limitation with ini files that you had previously alluded to: “The problems with ini-files… Also, when using the registry, different users on the same computer can have different settings.”