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I am getting some very good results using Image Analyzer to retrieve usuable results from bad digital photographs and the program is quite intuitive to use. But one thing is puzzling me - what is the "Lapp filter" meant to do? It gives some interesting results but why? I have tried various searches and found lots of references to different papers by several Lapps but none seem particularly relevant.

A word of advice would be appreciated

Jim Denney


Re: Lapp Filter

As far as I know it is not described anywhere. "Lapp filter" is a name I have given it - named after a highschool friend who used it for generating random maps for computer games.

Try making a new image (File | New...) select 8 bit grayscale and enter "(rand(1)>0.5)*255" in the I(x,y) = input box.  Then apply the Lapp filter to that image. This will produce a maze-like structure.

Except for producing strange patterns I don't know if it has any application  B).

Michael Vinther

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Re: Lapp Filter

Thanks for the information. Yes I have found it useful for breaking up a photograph and giving a sort of "painted" effect.

Jim Denney