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Hi to all smile

I successfully used the 3D plugin for animation of pictures of the planets creating .m3d files.

However, I'd like to embed this files in html page with a java applet viewer.
I searched the web a long time and only found Real2Virtual WebView, but there is  no
compatibility with .m3d files.

Then, from a Michael's suggestion, I tried the same with .wrl files and found  blaxxun3Dv2_30.

Using Authoring.html, I only could get the object from lathe profile,
without any texture and no means for moving  and zooming it.

Many thks for help smile


Re: 3D model plugin and html pages

You might have better luck with e.g. Cosmo Player

Michael Vinther

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Re: 3D model plugin and html pages

Hi to all smile

Many thks, Michael.

I just added some edits.

I first  tried CosmoPlayer without success..
In fact, the reason was that I didn't know that VRML export creates 2 files : the .wrl and a the jpg or png "flat" one, which need to be located both in the same folder.
Another reason is that I used FireFox rather than IE, and this requires a specific faked installation
After, I successfully ran the Cortona, and probably a handfull of others are OK too.

Cortona 4 is very slow  sad.
I yet have to try Octoga, BS contact and Cosmo as a IE plugin...

But for my specific purpose, rather than asking to people to dnl and install a browser plugin, I think that the IA 3D Viewer is a far better bargain. Only drag and drop the m3d file to IA shortcut smile

I believe that a java applet is the only answer to my purpose. I found it at Blaxxuns. … ;Itemid=89

Unfortunatly, the viewer applet needs to be accompanied with an extension named "Examine". I didn't find a simple exemple for this association and don't understand their documentation, as I'm not at all a software developper. … Itemid=152

Pls, see item # 6

My present  IA built  3D is waiting for animation :

I'm afraid that the "Examine" extension applet requires some specific feature in the .wrl file (Node, Root ???)

If somebody wants to help me, thak you very much smile

PS, the m3d file :


Re: 3D model plugin and html pages

Help yourself, Heaven will help you smile

I finally succeeded the java applets / html integration , manually editing an example from Blaxxun doc merged IA 3D exported as .wrl.

A key :

.wrl files are generally gzipped, without the .gz suffix. Add the suffix.gz and gunzip them before editing.
IA 3D ones aren't, you can directly edit them with a basic text editor such as NotePad.

Re: 3D model plugin and html pages

Cosmo Player is cool,I like it.