Topic: Saveing SmartMorph Animation

Hey hows it going . Now thisa is it I relly like SmartMorph i've been banging around with it for a week now and as time gos on i'll beabull to do more BUT i can only save my work to file as avi video . Can i it be saved as Amimation GIF or i'm i just wishing for Cristmas to eraly if not then just what i'm i doing wrong. Thank Bill cool


Re: Saveing SmartMorph Animation

First of all I suggest that you upgrade to Popims Animator which has replaced SmartMorph.

But yes, you can save to an animated GIF. In the bottom of the dialog that appears when you click Animation | Save as video it says Video clip (avi) by default. Just change that to Graphics Interchange Format (gif).

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