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Topic: Can´t save GIFs


I downloaded the free Version 2.10 and it´s a wonderful software. But I can´t save the animation as a GIF-file.

Within "File/Save" I just can select "Popims animation", "Save animation as..." and "This frame only...".

"Video file...", "Animated GIF...", "Image Sequence..." and "Interlaced Image..." are grey and not usable.

At the website http://www.popims.com/en/animator-versions.htm is written:

"Byt it's not all, this free version allows on top of that:

- ..
- ..
- and storing your creations as "avi" digital video sequences, or as animated gifs that you can insert in mails or add to your website. "

So why it doesn´t work?

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Edit: I just looked at the "About"-Box, it´s version 2.11, although the website announces 2.10


Re: Can´t save GIFs


You need to select the "Video" screen type in the toolbar.

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