Topic: Multithreaded copying

> Ok, I understand. Multithreaded programming always causes trouble wink - but of cause it would be possible. There is a very simple solution though; just run another instance of Commander while the first is copying. That is what I usually do...

The easiest way to create this feature may be simular to the one available on a NC clone from Arsenal Company (~1997). I recommend you to develop a simular feature. I used this tool and know no any bug situations.

The concepts:

1. When user executes Copy/Move etc command, Commander executes itself using simple command line arguments like:

commander.exe /copy "c:\files\*.*" "d:\files2\"

2. The new executed instance shows a copy progress window and does copy operation itself. The new window should be "at the top". We can close this window, move or  minimize.

3. When operation is complete, it closes operation window then notifies the main Commander window by window message (may be useful for special tasks like redrawing panels content). The window handle may be passed over command line parameter, too. So we can execute multiple Commander instances.

4. Its all!

I think that it is not too hard to modify Commander source code to realise this.