Topic: Use in Digital Video


Congratulations on a great program.  I am very impressed with the Fractal Interpolation program.  Have you compared it with Genuine Fractals?

I'm wondering if there is a way to adapt this filter to digital video (aside from exporting each frame as a png or tga image) so that progressive .avi video might be resized from standard definition to HD using your fractal interpolation.  Ideally this filter would reside in Virtualdub or AviSynth.

Is this possible?

Ideally there would be a method to combine super resolution techniques (such as found in DeeMon's Video Enhancer) with your Fractal Interpolation, and this might result in an image equaling a Snell & Wilcox Alchemist hardware solution.




Re: Use in Digital Video

My fractal resizing algorithm is quite slow so it would probably take forever to process a video... The batch processing plugin can do fractal interpolation so that is a way to process many images, but it still requires that you export the frames as you suggest.
I don't work with video myself so I have no plans for creating plugins any video processing software.

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