Topic: Maximum File Size For Deconvolution

Is there a maximum image size that the deconvolution algorithm can handle? Attempts at removing blur in a 11MB TIFF image fails repeatedly, with the system returning an 'out of memory' error message, despite the availability of 1GB RAM.

Although this is an excellent package, is there any possibility of someone (the software designer!) writing a tutorial or instructions for Image Analyser?

I find the software otherwise very useful, and would be happy to make a financial contribution to see its development.

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Re: Maximum File Size For Deconvolution

The maximum image size should only be limited by the available amount of RAM.
Anyway - deconvolution of a picture that large would probably take a very long time. One way of handling it could be to cut the image into pieces and process them separately. Anther way could be to resize the picture to make it smaller.

If you look at the Internet help pages there are help for some of the features, but not all. I encourage people to help improving the documentation, and sometimes I write a little myself - but it is not much.

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