Topic: Set Circle Position By Center..

Hello. first of all, a great thanks for your work on Diagram designer. I discovered it recently and only made small things with it yet, but I find it really nice.

I'm drawing the front of an electronic box and have to set several circles (for LEDs, buttons, commutators,..) and it would be really easier if I could set the circle position by is center and not it's Left/Top.
actually I draw a circle and go to it's Properties to set it's size and left/top position. of course I can calculate the difference but that's not practical when I have to set many circles. and that could be the same for any other object type that has a center point, not only circle.
maybe you could had an option the properties window to select if the coordinate are in center or in left/top format.

as I said, I just made some small things yet with DD, so maybe there are some other ways to do it that I didn't see yet or maybe I will just get used to the actual way, but now it's seems to me that it could be easier with a Center option.

Thanks again.