Topic: Perhaps A Bug ?

Sorry for my English it is not my language.

Thank you very much for this very good software.

I'll try to explain my problem.

I want to do something like that :


I convert the bigger rectangle in a metafile for edit 3 links points :


But the arrows connections are wrong on coordinates : (0,2000 0,0000); (0,8000 0,0000) and OK on coordinates (0,5000 0,0000) :


But the connections are ok if I create a metafile with the original rectangle of the original template palette, without resizing the rectangle before convert to metafile :


Perhaps a bug ?

Thank you.


Re: Perhaps A Bug ?

You are right - it is a bug.

It happens because I use a very simple algorithm for figuring out how the connectors should behave. I will probably see if I can make a better algorithm for the next version.

Tip: By creating a polygon object from a series of connected lines you can make the same large box with multiple connectors, and at the same time make if possible to write text in it. With a metafile object it is a bit more dificult to add text.

Michael Vinther

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Re: Perhaps A Bug ?

The problem should be fixed with version 1.10 which is out now.

Michael Vinther

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