Topic: Rotating Connections Bug

i have built a simple palette of objects i use for simple diagrams (like logic or analog electric devices).
everything ok but... when i rotated this objects i got a rotated shape but the connection points did not follow the shape! they remained in the previous position, but in this way the use of rotating objecs is almost useless!
it would be a great improvement to add in a next release rotation for connection points and for simple objects (not only metafiles). besides it would be nice the chance to choose the appearence of arrows on lines and connectors (at least the presence or not!)
except these things, that's really a useful software - simple but effective, without many unuseful tools like in commercial products


Re: Rotating Connections Bug

The next version of the program is almost done, and one of the new possibilities is rotation! Version 1.09 beta should be out within a few days.

I'm not sure I understand the problem about the arrows. You can choose between three different kind of arrows (or select none), and adjust the size of each. All is available in the object properties dialog.

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