Topic: Deinterlace (Odd | Even,Level)

Hello, I'm new in the forum. I would be pleased to know what that command in the batch processing does.

1) Does it separate both fields as distinct images or does it filter one filed per time - so I need to process the image set two times?
2) Do I need to use also the resize command in order to stretch the fields back to the full-PAL size?

Thank you very much.



Re: Deinterlace (Odd | Even,Level)

It only extracts one image, based on either the odd or even lines (as specified in the first parameter). The intermediate lines are synthesized so that the output image is of same size as the input image. The Level parameter determines how much the data from the removed lines are used in the synthesis. Setting Level=0 means that the synthesized is a simple average of the kept line above and below.

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