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I installed smart morph from PC Format but it will not run as there are a number of files missing ( dll).
I then  <_< down loaded from this site and got the same error


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When do you see the error message and exactly what error message do you get?

Michael Vinther

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Re: Can Not Install

thank you for responding
the error is application has failed to start because bdcore dll was not found, when I try to exit it tells me lvkrn13n.dll was not found and ltdis13n.dll was not found and then a windows error saying Smart Morph has encountered a problem and needs to close . The send message attached is         
AppName: smartmop.exe     AppVer: 1.55.2004.0     ModName: unknown
ModVer:     Offset: 00f492d4

This occured on the disc with PC Format and the download fron your site