Topic: Misplaced Points

I have noticed that SmartMorph 1.55 occasionally "reverses" points that have been placed.  On several occasions I noticed for example:
1) I place points on nostrils, nose tip, chin and glabella (between eyes)
2) I accomodate images alowing rotation and cropping.
3) Then I go back and zoom in to the images and add many more points.
4) I enter one on nose tip and both edges of nose
5) If I turn on the maping I often notice that there is a "blank spot" somewhere that does not render correctly.
6) I have found in trial and error that SmartMorph has reversed two of the placed points (ie like the right outer nostril and the nose tip.) so that it's calculations don't compute - hence the blank spot.
7)  I then delete one of the two points; click on the remaining point to make it highlite and notice that its corresponding point on the opposite image is in the wrong place - so I move it back; then add another point.
8) most of the time this corrects the problem - no blank spaces on the map and it seems to render correctly.

The first few times I noticed this happen I thought that I was just placing points incorrectly; but, it happens frequently and even when I have been very carefully placing points and checking the map after every placement.

I don't know what this could be.  It's not soul destroying as I can rework and replace; but, it's quite time consuming and anoying.

What might be happening/ how can I prevent it?




Re: Misplaced Points

I have never seen this problem. Are you saying that SmatMorph exchanges two points in step 2?
Can you save a morph file after step 1 that will make SmartMorph exchanges the points in step 2? If you can reproduce the problem, then loading this file and running "Auto accomodate" should do it every time.
If you can do that then please send me the SMO file from after step 1.

Michael Vinther

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Re: Misplaced Points

The reversals aren't in step 1 or 2 they are  noticed in steps 5 or six. many points place ok but occasionally if you check the map there will be a "hole".  then if you go back you can see that one of the points on the "left" picture isn't lined up with the same point on the "right picture" - usually occurs when the two points are fairly close together.

for example: after noticing the problem I started turning on the map and checking the grid after each point placement.  after placing several points around the face I wanted the nose to "morph" better so I placed a point at the right base of the nose by clicking on the left picture then moving the resulting point on the right picture to the corresponding position.  then when I turned on the map there was a hole.

So I clicked on the central nose point of the left picture and low and behold the corresponding point that highlighted on the right picture was at the right base of the nose. (why they had gotten switched I don't know).  It was resolved by deleting one set then highlighting the remainding set and dragging the points until they corresponded.

Like I said, I thought at first that I was just not dragging correctly but it's repeated for me several times even when I've been going very deliberately and slowly.



Re: Misplaced Points

I assume that by "turn on the maping" you mean click the Connect points button? I am pretty sure that this button does not exchange or move any points. Is that whay you think happens?
It is more likely that you have simply placed the points in a way so that the program cannot connect them properly in both pictures. That is usually the reason for missing sections.

Michael Vinther

> software developer <