Topic: Thank you message - about Designer's uses

Sorry for my exceedingly slow thank you..

I know it's a bit late, but thank you for the features of DiagramDesigner, where it's possible to add png files with alpha channels, insert (and export emf), and paste meta images from Excel flawlessly. Images with alpha channels get split up in Analyzer, and modified unsaved images in Analyzer can be dragged tight into Diagram in its new form, and, images for editing in Diagram gets updated after being in Analyzer (with save) back into Diagram, keeping its alpha (channel).

This is quite usable. I've just (helped) designed a family invitation A4, but it's a big family, so a next opportunity comes along soon.

I hope other users appreciated this tool more than I did over the last year, but I hope to get around to it soon. The new MiniCap would (I hope) add up to it greatly, to provide the alpha masked images.

I noticed pasted text with formatting in 'Edit text' lost its formatting when pressing OK, but that's really minor. (I can live with that;) And it wasn't meant for it, but it could be used as an emf viewer resized to the page perhaps with a macro.. wait a minute, I can do that! I have to figure out the resizing but it can be done.

And with source a lot more to boot. Times up.

Thanks again.