Topic: Gray PNG 16 bits question

After some more fiddling with the latest version of IA 1.32
I get this strange behaviour:
If I try to read a "raw" 16 bits per pixel PNG,

IA does read it correctly but i reports as being :

102.png [1:1] Real part , linear representation ....

Almost all menus are ghosted ...
incluing the "crop" one ...
One of the active menus available is the "Pixel format conversion -> Conver to Grayscale"
But doing this I will loose half of the data ( I think) ...

Is this the expected behaviour for the PNG 16 bits Gray ?

This gray image is the result of a "dcraw" image conversion starting from a PPM file and converted to a PNG ...
Nonetheless I still have not figured out why some machines do read PPM files and others dont ... sad


Re: Gray PNG 16 bits question

Yes, this is expected behavior. 16bit grayscale PNGs are to begin with represented in floating point precision in IA and only very little functionality is implemented for this image type. Once you convert to 8bit grayscale you can use all the features.

Michael Vinther

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