Topic: Minor Improvement ( Delete File(s) )

Hej Michael,

It would be nice to delete files - without confirmation

Today you have:
Del ( recycle ) - with confirmation
F8 ( recycle ) - with confirmation
Shift + F8 ( Delete ) - with confirmation
Shift + Del( Delete ) - with confirmation

When I decide to delete a file ( files ) - I'm sure - and doesn't need to confirm.

In ex. Disco commander - I can configure the confirmations:
Yes/no Copy
Yes/no Move
Yes/no Delete
Yes/no Delete subdirectories
Yes/no Exit

I miss the option to delete without confirmation.

[size=14][font=Geneva]Anyway - I love Commander - Cool Software - and all keyboard shortcuts known by my fingers :-)[/font][/size]

Best regards
Jan Denmark


Re: Minor Improvement ( Delete File(s) )

you can do this from windoze.
right klik on recycle bin |  klik  "properties"  |
unchek  "display confirm dialog"  |
close out.

warning:  it will no longer show the  "confirm delete"  box



Re: Minor Improvement ( Delete File(s) )

Thanks for the suggestion. I will consider it for the next version.

Edit: Oh, just noticed that this was a VERY old suggestion that I hadn't noticed before..  hmm

Michael Vinther

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