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Topic: files feedback/recall/history , translations to brazilian portuguese

Dear Michael Vinther,

I´ve got a suggestion: for the next version of image analyzer eneable to delete the history of files opened by the software, with the use of delete button on the keyboard. A confirmation message should be shown when you try to delete the entry in history.
This is to avoid other people who use the program to watch private images in the hard disk accidentally, without having to open dozens of other images to eliminate unwanted entries of the history.

Noifications of the translation to brazilian portuguese:

selecção - wrong is seleção - correct
ficheiros - wrong  is arquivos - correct

What´s the purpose of the pen spot healing ?
Could you explain in details the neighbourhood method ?
How do I acess the depth map , how do I use it ?
What is lathe profile , how do I use it ?


Re: files feedback/recall/history , translations to brazilian portuguese

You are welcome to send me an update version of the Brazilian Portuguese language file.

The purpose of the spot healing pen is to remove scratches, spots or small unwanted objects in the image. It works fairly well on small selections.

Do you mean the neighborhood method used for spot healing and texture synthesis? I can't give the details of the algorithm, but simply put it tries to guess how the image should have been and replaces the entire selection. Basically it looks at the pixels in an area around the selection and interpolates across the selected area.

There is an example lathe profile image at http://meesoft.logicnet.dk/Analyzer/plu … tm#Model3D - the half chess piece. Just open it in IA and select 3D model | Generate from lathe profile.
There is also a depth map on the page.

Michael Vinther

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Re: files feedback/recall/history , translations to brazilian portuguese

If you want to clean the history, you can make a .reg file with the following content, and just double click on it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
Michael Vinther

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Re: files feedback/recall/history , translations to brazilian portuguese

thank you for your attention, Michael Vinther.
I had some difficulties in doing a .reg file. To solve the problem, I put the registry key in my favourites in the regedit. To erase the history,I go the "recent file list " that was already created , right-click, select modify. I delete the files entries that appear, choose ok.
And then I restart the software.

The language file is too hard for me to handle. I showed you the mistakes, it´s up to you to do the update.

Yours, Gustavo