Topic: matching colour (color adjustment) of two images to each other

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Does the program 'Image Analyzer' have any command like 'matching colour'? Because I would like to adjust the colors of the following two photos to each other - to prepare them for a bigger photo panorama: http://imageshack.us/a/img708/7612/imageanalyzer.png

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Re: matching colour (color adjustment) of two images to each other

You could try Operations | Color correction | Color matching. To use it you need to make a rectangular selection in a similar area of the two pictures, e.g. the grass. Then you should probably disable Maintain light in the dialog.
I'm not sure if the colors will be similar enough for a good looking panorama though...

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Re: matching colour (color adjustment) of two images to each other

analyzer is very good, colour matching works well enough but sometimes tools designed for a particular job are more suitable.

In this case I point out  that Hugin is mature software designed to create panoramas or geometry alteration and does a good job of colour blending. Out of curiosity I tried it on your example, essentially a quick try on defaults, I couldn't see the join.
Like so many things, learning how to drive it well takes practice.

Those are quite tricky images with the sky close to burning out and polorisation is probably taking place on the grass, hence the slightly strange look. Maybe a retake using a polariser on the lens would help, although ideal light conditions are rare for panoramas.

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