Topic: Default Layer on startup and changing the page

Hallo all,

i would like to use DiagramDesigner in a slide-show in some
teaching-lessons. Wherefore a greate a number of pages
and need to only see the global stencil layer on loading a file
or changing the page. Is where a way to configurate DiagramDesigner
in this way. I discovered it to comeup with layer3 anytime a page
is selected, showing all layers at once, i need to start on the global and when
select one by one the layers.


Re: Default Layer on startup and changing the page

This is not supported.
You can make a diagram where you build on top of previous pages for every new page if use the Insert inherited layer feature. Just insert  this on every new page to get the contents of the previous page. This might be used to achieve what you want?

Michael Vinther

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