Topic: Out of Memory errors with 16Gb RAM

A small problem thst i have is that even with the latest official version 1.36
whenever I try to "Increase local contrast" with a large ( 6000x4600 ) PNG image
I get "out of Memory" errors ...
At first when I had only 1Gb of RAM I thought that would a memory restriction but now
I am using "Windows 7 32bits "modified"  with 16 Gb of RAM working without any problems ...

Due to the SSD restrictions I do have "Memory Paging files" disabled ...
So how can I solve this "out of memory" error ?


Re: Out of Memory errors with 16Gb RAM

By default the 32bit version of Windows only enables application to use 2GB RAM. The best way of utilizing more memory is to use a 64 bit Windows edition.
It is also possible to tweak windows to provide more memory to each application via the 3GB switch but unfortunately it can give compatibility issues with some applications or drivers. There are a number of posts on this switch, see e.g. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff556232.aspx or http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps … ID=9240617.

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Re: Out of Memory errors with 16Gb RAM

Hi, sorry for the delay ...
after the previous post regarding memory I installed a clean windows8 64bits machine  with 16Gb RAM and installed only IA 1.36.1 ...

But I  still have some  semi random "Out of Memory" errors specially on the FFT filter .

My images are big 6400 x 4900 px . ( photos from 4800x4800 DPI scanner  in 24bits ) 

Any ideas how to help in solving this ?


Re: Out of Memory errors with 16Gb RAM

I'm not an expert about this but this is what i know and found.

The normal limit for 32 bit Windows is 2 GB for user and 2 GB for Windows itself.
32 bit in total can address 4 GB.

On a 64 bit Windows normal 32 bit programs can only use 2 GB since they run in a 32 bit Windows environment ( see also for WOW64 ).
Some questions and answers about it.
http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2740 … it-windows

But perhaps Michael can do something with this?
"This informs Windows x64 or Windows 32-bit (with the
/3GB option set) that the application supports an address space larger
than 2GB (up to 4GB). In Delphi 7 and later you can also specify this
flag through the compiler directive {$SetPEFlags $20}"

Another step would be upgrading to a 64 bit compiler but that costs a lot of money...
Even when switching to a little different free 64 bit compiler it would take time to make some changes.
But there are still people using 32 bit programs on Windows 32 bit so that would mean 2 versions...

So no easy answer yet...


Re: Out of Memory errors with 16Gb RAM

Image Analyzer can use up to 4GB memory on a 64bit Windows. Since you already have that the only solution is probably to split the image in half and run on each half separately.

Unfortunately using a 64bit compiler is not that simple. There is probably a lot of the code which won't directly compile to 64bit - both my own and third party libraries - so I would have to spend a lot of time updating code and testing that everything still works, and I don't really have that time.

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