Topic: trying to set IA as default in Win 7 Pictures

I used IA from 2007 till just a couple months ago as my default photo opener in My Pictures in Windows XP but since I've loaded it in Windows 7 it won't set as my default. When I go and manually open IA from inside Pictures it makes me go through the whole license use process each time! If I open IA from my Desktop I can't just click in and out of my photos---either it shuts the whole program down or if I use the smaller screen inside IA it retains whatever I did on the last photo. HELP!!! I want IA as my default photo opener in Pictures with just a double click so I can go in and out of it easily.
Thanks EVER so much! I LOVE IA and don't want to try to learn or use any other editing programs, even though I have them.


Re: trying to set IA as default in Win 7 Pictures

It sounds like you are running the installer and not the program, could that be it?

In the menu in File | Program options | File format associations you can choose which files are opened by default in IA.

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