Topic: LINK POINT editor, update (live and after confirmed)

Dear MeeSoft

I use the LINK Points a lot to make my drawings illustrate how we need to connect wires in real world.
I having problems adding link points very precisely and hope you can help me with a solution.

One solution could be to make the "Link Point Editor" windows scalable
so I can see an enlarged version of the image I am adding link points too.

Other solution could be to show the red X "Link points" on the master object
and dynamic update position of the X while moving it around (this will not make it much easier to place the link, but it will anyhow make it better than now).

Could you pls make the linked object move after I have corrected a position.
I notist that after I have moved a Link Point to a new position the line I have linked to the Link Point have not moved?

I hope this is possible
Thanks a lot.

Kind regards


Re: LINK POINT editor, update (live and after confirmed)

Good idea. Should be improved in the latest beta at http://meesoft.logicnet.dk/support/view … hp?id=3266 (the window is now sizeable)

Michael Vinther

> software developer <