Topic: Cannot load template files

Thank you for this software, I have found it very useful. I have made use of the Flowchart templates to build process flow diagrams but now I cannot load the Flowchart.ddt file or any of the other template files. I can see the template file name and even an image of the file contents in the preview pane when I navigate to it using File>Template palette>Load template palette...> from within the application but when I click Open, the dialogue closes but nothing happens, that is I do not see the template pane.

Thank you



Re: Cannot load template files

Never mind. I found the template pane by accident, after spending a few hours trying to figure out how to make it visible. It had been collapsed all the way to the right. Maybe the border could be a little bigger when the pane is collapsed to make it easier to see that there is something there.Thank you again for making this application available.