Topic: Image analyzer under Linux/wine?

I found the hint that Imageanalyser can be executed under Linux/wine -- but this message was from 2006. Does anyone have some experience whether wine supports Imageanalyser under Linux and whether performance degradation is severe?

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Re: Image analyzer under Linux/wine?

Yes, without any big problems!

Under Linux wine just install it like other windows programs:
1. download imageanalyzer.exe
2. in file manager right klick the file and set attribute "executable"
3. call "wine uninstall software" (unity search)
4. select "install", search for * .exe files, select imageanalyzer.exe
5. install

The icons behave a little bit strange. But most of the time they reappear if they sense the mouse pointer.


Re: Image analyzer under Linux/wine?

It also runs in Mac OSX 10.10.2 (Yosemite) under Wine.