Topic: Compile 1.20 with Delphi 10

I tried to compile the Version 1.20 source code with Delphi 10, with no success.

I removed FasCode and  FastMM. But I get many errors.

Are there parameter to change, I'm not familiar with pascal, years ago Turbo-Pascal ;-)



Re: Compile 1.20 with Delphi 10

Long time ago I tried to compile it but had errors too, I think I had missing units but I can't remember the errors.
One difference could be that Delphi (20)10 is using unicode and Delphi 7 (ansi)strings.
Could you give some of the errors?

Once I had the idea to open the .ddd file, find object and replace a property, perhaps that's on your mind too?  smile


edit: I see there is a new Delphi 10 Seattle, I lost track after XE8